Mark Frohna Photography | seniors

Mark Frohna Class of 2018Mark Frohna Class of 2018

My #1 goal with senior portraits is to make them simple, fun and authentic.

SIMPLE:  I tell everyone to "come as you are." Be yourself, dress in your favorite outfits, feel your best, and be ready to have fun and get great images. There also are no secrets when it comes to ordering prints. Just choose up to five of your favorite shots, and you get as many wallets, 5x7s and 8x10s as you need to share with family and friends. The 3-Season Session comes with a lot of extras that you'll love!

FUN:  I have worked with thousands of high school students over the past fifteen years, not only with senior portraits, but with theatre productions, music, sports and clubs. I get along very well with this age group, and I have been successful at capturing the true personalities and spirits of every individual, creating a fun experience of being in front of the lens.

AUTHENTIC:  It seems that the best way to "fit in" at school these days is to be unapologetically yourself. So let yourself shine with your own look and unique personality. With Mark Frohna Photography, every session is as different as the young adults I photograph.


Senior portraits are offered year round, but be aware of the school yearbook deadline!

Late August through Mid October are the busiest times, and evening "golden hour' times are the most popular. View the slideshow below for a taste of how different your session can be!  (If you're at work, be aware that music plays with the slideshow.)