A love of high school musicals is what brought me to photography back in 1997.  I was just out of college and wanted to help schools showcase their talent.  So many schools put on shows that rivaled touring productions, and the concept of what a high school musical was was changing.  A few schools turned into dozens, and that led to opportunities with universities and professional arts groups.


I have now photographed more than 800 plays, musicals, operas and dance performances for schools, community theaters and professional arts organizations. The arts are what I love, and photography is how I share that love.



With the advancements in digital technology, more photographers can successfully capture images in low light.  But simply framing an image is far from capturing emotion and telling a story -- not my story, but that of the director, the designers and the performers.  I tell these stories in an authentic way, as intended by each artist.  I strive to tell the story that the audience experiences, raw and truthful.  My images retain the integrity of the lighting, the movement, the blocking, the visual experience, and the emotional experience.  I do not interpret the art with my camera, rather, I document and share it.  I would put my work up against any other with full confidence that none would be more truthful and authentic.



I take the same approach to all of my work, which is why so many artists have hired me for their weddings, why so many arts groups also hire me for galas and other fundraising events, why actors of all ages trust me with headshots, and why young artists seek me out for senior portraits.



My schedule fills up quickly for the entire year, so reserving your date now for any of your scheduled events, no matter how far out, gives you the best chance of securing my services.  Every events is custom quoted to make sure your needs and budget are being met.


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